Context Sensitive Solutions

Oak Hill Parkway

Throughout the Oak Hill Parkway project planning process, the project team is incorporating a comprehensive approach to design development known as Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). The project team’s intent by using this approach is to create a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation corridor that is appropriate for its setting and speaks to the needs and values of the surrounding community.

What is CSS?

  • CSS is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach involving stakeholders to develop transportation design and engineering solutions appropriate for the setting.
  • The goals are to preserve and enhance local scenic, aesthetic, historic, and environmental resources, while improving transportation safety, mobility, and infrastructure. 
  • More information can be found about the CSS process here.

What is the Oak Hill Parkway CSS vision?

Through effective stakeholder involvement and careful planning and design, the Oak Hill Parkway is envisioned to be a safe and attractive transportation corridor that addresses growth in Central Texas by improving traffic flow and capacity, and by providing new mobility options for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers without sacrificing quality of life in Oak Hill.

  • Corridor improvements will preserve, to the highest degree possible, Oak Hill’s highly valued natural character through careful stewardship of its unique environmental, historic, and cultural resources, with particular focus on Williamson Creek and the area’s cherished oaks.
  • Aesthetic improvements are intended to be cognizant and respectful of Oak Hill’s existing context and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors by enriching the visual qualities of the roadway and right-of-way, improving public safety, and utilizing natural materials and sustainable technologies.

As we move forward through the CSS process, the project team will continue to refine our CSS Vision Statement as a result of community input and technical analysis.

What we've heard so far

One of the guiding principles of CSS is to foster continuing collaboration with stakeholders, and strive toward a shared vision to provide the basis for decisions. We ask that you be involved in the CSS process; we want to create a transportation corridor that the residents of Oak Hill will be proud to call their own.

We are so excited to share with you the great input we received from the Context Sensitive Solutions online survey from October 2014. You can download and review this survey report here.

If you just want a quick snapshot, check this out:

Here are the top community priorities we heard, in order of importance:

Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Environmental Sustainability Signage Lighting Enhanced Water Quality Landscaping Streetscape Enhancements Use of Public Art

Where we are today

The following are nine exhibits recently shown at the October 2015 Open House regarding our latest Context Sensitive Solutions designs.

Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions

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CSS Workshops & Other Events

    • The first Context Sensitive Solutions workshop held October 9, 2014 provided valuable insight on the public’s priorities regarding the Oak Hill Parkway. At the workshop, citizens helped initiate development of a CSS Vision Statement for the project. Additionally, more than 650 people viewed online information about Context Sensitive Solutions elements, and 346 completed surveys.

    • On April 7, 2015, the team presented the results of last October’s CSS community survey as well as how we are moving forward with those comments and community priorities. At this second CSS workshop, the display boards for discussion included: our draft CSS Vision Statement, maps featuring proposed multimodal connections for cyclists and pedestrians in Oak Hill, ideas of ways we could revitalize Williamson Creek; potential locations of CSS design concepts within the corridor; and artist sketches of potential retaining wall designs. Through a series of sticker dot exercises and a community survey, the public were able to inform us if we were on the right track and identify anything that was missing. Over 40 members of the public attended. You can download and view materials of the workshop and the meeting summary here.

Further Context Sensitive Solutions outreach will continue into 2017.

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