Context Sensitive Solutions

Oak Hill Parkway

Throughout the Oak Hill Parkway project planning process, the project team is incorporating a comprehensive approach to design development known as Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). The project team’s intent by using this approach is to create a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation corridor that is appropriate for its setting and speaks to the needs and values of the surrounding community.

What is CSS?: CSS is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach involving stakeholders to develop transportation design and engineering solutions appropriate for the setting.

 Vision Statement

 The Oak Hill Parkway will:

  • Be a safe and attractive transportation corridor that visually and physically connects, at a human scale, destinations on both sides of the highway.
  • Help create a unique place that functions well for all modes of transportation while integrating our history, aesthetics, and environment.
 Good stewardship of our natural and cultural assets is a priority.

Where We Are Today

The following exhibits were presented at the May 24, 2018 Public Hearing at Bowie High School. These draft designs are the result of our collaborative community outreach process.

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