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Oak Hill Parkway

You are shaping Oak Hill Parkway

Your participation in meetings, workshops and open houses during the environmental study phase made significant improvements to the proposed project along US 290 and SH 71 through Oak Hill. Some of these include:

  • Building a design that address the traffic congestion in the corridor
  • Building a design that separates through traffic from local traffic, providing both mobility and safety enhancements
  • Limiting proposed elevation at the US 290/SH 71 intersection to one level instead of two levels above existing ground
  • Building new facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians, including sidewalks and a shared-use path along the entire corridor
  • Lowering the US 290 mainlanes underneath cross street overpasses at Circle Drive, Scenic Brook Road, RM 1826, and Convict Hill Road for Alternatives A and C, and at the US 290/SH 71 intersection 
  • Looking to avoid or limit impacts to trees, especially the Grandmother Oak, Grandfather Oak, and the Niece Oaks in the vicinity of William Cannon Drive, and preserving the Beckett Grove Tree (formerly known as the Taco Bell Tree) 
  • Extending the improvements west of Circle Drive and reducing the proposed project’s footprint in that area
  • Minimizing impacts to Williamson Creek, including in areas where bridges would be placed over Williamson Creek 
  • Adding natural treatments at Williamson Creek instead of a concrete culvert to channelize the waters; in fact, we are removing a significant amount of existing concrete out of the creek by building new bridges
  • Realigning William Cannon Drive to avoid large trees
  • Reducing flooding with an upstream water detention pond
  • Planning for water quality best management practices like grassy swales, sedimentation/sand filtration basins, and bioretention ponds 
  • Improving access for businesses along SH 71 just north of US 290
  • Improving safety at US 290 and Old Bee Caves Road 
  • Maintaining similar access of streets and neighborhoods to the frontage roads
  • Adding Texas Turnaround U-turns to provide local access without sitting through a traffic light
  • Adding transit bus stop locations

Community input had a meaningful impact on project design. We’d like to thank the community for your participation throughout the process. Together, we’ve identified a solution that not only addresses traffic congestion, but honors the heritage and community of Oak Hill. We look forward to continuing the dialogue through the construction phase of the project. 

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