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Build Alternative A

  • TxDOT proposes an upgraded, state-of-the-art roadway consisting of three mainlanes for through traffic in each direction, as well as two-to-three frontage-road lanes in each direction.
  • An overpass for the US 290 mainlanes over William Cannon Drive would be built, along with flyovers between US 290 and SH 71. At this location, the US 290 mainlanes would be depressed, or go under, SH 71.
  • The westbound US 290 mainlanes and frontage roads would be north of Williamson Creek.
  • Intersections would be constructed along US 290 at Convict Hill Road, RM 1826, Scenic Brook Drive, and Circle Drive (South View Road) where the highway would go below ground and the cross street would be at ground level.
  • U-turn lanes would be constructed at intersections along US 290 and SH 71 to allow vehicles traveling on frontage roads to U-turn to access the opposite direction frontage road.
  • Along SH 71, the flyover ramps would extend past Scenic Brook Drive where the mainlanes would transition to a five-lane (three lanes northbound, two lanes southbound) rural highway with U-turns for local access.
  • Significant bicycle and pedestrian accommodations would be built along the entire corridor, including a seven-mile shared-use path, sidewalks, and a trailhead at Williamson Creek on William Cannon Drive.
  • Upstream water detention ponds would be built to reduce potential flooding, and multiple stormwater detention and water quality treatment ponds would be built within the corridor.
  • Additionally,  new landscaping, tree plantings, and corridor aesthetics are proposed.

 No-Build (Do Nothing) Alternative

  • At the end of this six-year environmental study, if the TxDOT Environmental Division decides that the No-Build Alternative is the preferred alternative, US 290 and SH 71 would continue to exist as they do today and would continue to have standard, routine maintenance over the next 30 years.
  • Travel times will increase approximately 25 to 35 minutes over what they are today, and congestion, safety, and mobility would continue to decline in the Oak Hill area as population increases.
  • In addition, the proposed bicycle/pedestrian accommodations and the upstream detention ponds would not be constructed.

No-Build Alternative (click to enlarge)


Potential Upstream Pond Locations


Old Bee Caves Road near Sunset Ridge location
Maximum available storage is approximately 100 acre-feet or 32 million gallons. The surface area of the pond is approximately 13 acres.

SH 71 near Covered Bridge Drive location
Maximum available storage is approximately 45 acre-feet or 15 million gallons. The surface area of the pond is approximately 12 acres.

  • WHY: Ensure this project does not result in flooding impacts
  • WHAT: Provide flood storage at two off-site and upstream detention ponds
  • HOW: Build a dam across these natural creek valleys to capture flood waters during intense rain events. The water will then slowly recede over the next hours/days

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