Alternatives advancing through schematic development and evaluation

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No Build Alternative (click to enlarge)

No Build (Do Nothing) Alternative

  • At the end of this five-year environmental study, if the TxDOT Environmental Division decides that the No Build Alternative is the preferred alternative, US 290 and SH 71 would continue to exist as they do today and would continue to have standard, routine maintenance over the next 30 years.
  • Travel times will increase approximately 25 to 35 minutes over what they are today, and congestion, safety, and mobility would continue to decline in the Oak Hill area as population increases.
  • In addition, the proposed bicycle/pedestrian facilities and the upstream detention ponds would not be constructed.


Build Alternative A (click to download) [Updated February 1, 2016]

Build Alternative A

  • Controlled-access highway with frontage roads
  • US 290 mainlanes go under SH 71 with direct connections at the intersection of US 290 and SH 71
  • Westbound US 290 mainlanes would be north of Williamson Creek over the frontage roads

Build Alternative C (click to download)  [Updated February 1, 2016]

Build Alternative C

  • Controlled-access highway with frontage roads
  • US 290 mainlanes go over SH 71 with direct connections at the intersection of US 290 and SH 71
  • Both west and eastbound US 290 mainlanes would be north of Williamson Creek and the frontage roads would be along the existing highway


To learn more about how the project team identified these alternatives, please visit our environmental study page.

To learn more about how Alternatives A and C could look like if built, please visit our renderings page.

To learn more about how public comment has impacted project design, please visit our public comments page



Although the study area for the Oak Hill Parkway Project terminates at US 290 and RM 1826, the project team incorporated a transition area that extends the project past Circle Drive/South View Road due to public input. This transition area is included in the overall design schematics and has been validated through traffic modeling and the need to separate local traffic from through traffic at Circle Drive. 

Recently, the project team has updated the design for the west end of the project, which is in the area of US 290 and Circle Drive/South View Road. The proposed design revisions have been made in order to:

  • facilitate turning movements for emergency response vehicles that need to be able to access incidents in the area from the Oak Hill Fire Department/Travis County Emergency Services District #3
  • accommodate the new homes that are being built on the south side of US 290 west of Scenic Brook Drive by moving the road farther north
  • provide safer US 290 entrance and exit ramps for Circle Drive and South View Road 

In review of public input from our September 9, 2015 Stakeholder Meeting, the design has been refined as of early October 2015.  Some of these proposed design updates include:

  • The local cross street overpass over the US 290 mainlanes was moved from Thunderbird Drive back to Circle Drive*
  • The shared use path was moved to the south side of the roadway
  • The footprint of the roadway was condensed, so that there is more space between the proposed improvements to US 290 and adjacent neighborhoods

*Of note, the mainlanes will be depressed, meaning lower than the road today. The cross street will be at-grade or the same level as the level today. No elevated overpass is planned in this area.

NEW: Download the updated Proposed West End Redesign Schematic Snapshot [2 MB]

This draft design is dated October 9, 2015.

We are in the process of an environmental study; no final decisions have been made and this is the time to help us design the best possible solution to meet the purpose and need of the project. Questions? Contact us.

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